Financial Highlight

Service Revenue (Million Baht)

Network service business grows 2 percent and network installation serives revence increase 83 percent, resulting in a 37 percent extend in service income compraed to the pervious year.

Service Revenue Component

Increased network usage and expanding customer base of the Interlink Fiber Optic, are the main factors in data service revenue growth.

Profit Before Tax Interest and Depreciation (EBITDA) (Million Baht)

EBITDA grows 8.84 percent from last year from revenue growth and effective cost control.

Net Profit (Million-Baht, Profit Margin)

Net profit increased 10.97 percent form the prior year from the efficient control of cost and expenses so that the company was able to generate better profit margins.

Return on Equity

Consistently creating return for shareholders.

Dividend (Baht/Share) and Dividend Payout Ratio

Maintain the dividend payment rate according to the policy.