Business Overview

Interlink Telecom Public Company Limited founded on January 3, 2007 which was established by business restructuring policy (“Reorganization”) of the Interlink Communication Public Company Limited (“ILINK”) in order to expand from the cable distribution business and information technology (IT) equipment that ILINK be an expert integration with engineering business from the contractor to install cable equipment for the providers of mobile phone service with the purpose to provide data connection services between users’ offices and support development and increased the telecommunications system in Thailand which needed a network to connect to data that is highly stable and be able to support huge data transfer.

On May 8, 2012, the company received a type 3 telecommunications business license that has own network from the Office of the Broadcasting Commission Television business and the National Telecommunications Commission (NBTC) to do business as a provider of high-speed communication circuits for 15 years and on October 19, 2012, the company was licensed by the State Railway of Thailand to install fiber-optic networks along the railway lines for 30 years which makes the company’s service more stability and also the route is different from the others fiber networks company. After receiving the license, the company has built the structure of fiber optic cable networks. (Interlink Fiber Optic Network) with the purpose to be the most secure and effective private network company and has started service under the network name “Interlink Fiber Optic” in June 2013.

Interlink Fiber Optic is a network which combines the main networks along the route of the State Railway of Thailand include the main route, alternate routes and sub-routes along the road path via electricity poles to connect to reach customers making data connection with the company’s network continuous and stable and also can provide services covering Interlink MPLS IP-VPN, Interlink Wavelength, Interlink Dark Fiber, Interlink IPLC and Broadcast Services which is suitable for use in all types of telecommunications and telecommunication businesses such as data, video, voice and internet. The company has team of engineers to take care of 24 hours and 365 days which making service is able to respond to data transmission and communication efficiently, with maximum security and can check the network status through the computer system in order to prevent or solve the problems in time. That makes Interlink Fiber Optic network have 99.99% service ability with standards and quality (Service Level Agreement). Also covers areas throughout Bangkok Metropolitan areas and others provinces around Thailand (on 31 December 2019, the network of the company serves 75 provinces around Thailand). In addition, the company is also licensed by the National Telecommunications Commission office in providing additional international telecommunications network services on April 26, 2014 which can connect the network to alliances in ASEAN such as Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia, Vietnam, Myanmar and Laos.

The company has extended services name “Data Center” by providing server rental and disaster recovery for organizations. The Data Center was established to be Data center especially that designed and built by the specifications of Data Center type TIER 3 which has service areas to support customers up to 369 Racks. And joint to expand data center services with the Advance Information Technology Public Company Limited (AIT) and The WHA Corporation Public Company Limited (WHA) which can support customers up to 1,038 Racks that service 24 hours, 365 days.